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Face Moisturiser – Intensive Hydration – Day & Night Cream
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Unique Ingredient

Single Helix Collagen
Product contains collagen in the purest (native) form that helps you to re-build your collagen fibers resulting in younger and stronger skin.
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Face Moisturiser – Intensive Hydration – Day & Night Cream

Items in package: 3 pcs

Face Moisturiser – Intensive Hydration – Day & Night Cream gives you an amazing skin hydration. Marine Collagen in combination with other rare active ingredients such as Moringa Butter, Jojoba Oil, Squalene and others, give you the most hydration possible for your skin. All active ingredients work together to deliver these valuable ingredients and moisturise your skin. You can enhance the effect of the cream with the use of Cleansing Foam or Micellar Water from these “Hydro” series. Combination of these products will give you skin moisturising of the next level!

  • Intensive Moisturising
  • Contains Purest Marine Collagen
  • Very Light Consistency
  • Soothes Irritated Skin
  • Special Active Ingredients – Moringa Butter, Jojoba Oil
  • Very Good Absorbtion
  • Not Greasy
  • Highly Effective on Sensitive and Dry Skin
  • Also Recommended for Combination Type Skin
  • Can be used in the Morning and Evening
  • Recommended to be used with Foam Cleanser and Micellar Water
Suitable For:

Skin Type: Dry, Acne, Age: 16-25, Age: 25-40, Skin Type: Combination, Skin Type: Dry



Active Ingredients