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Qualitity Of Our Products

Quality Laboratory

We strive to provide our Customers with products of the highest quality and proven, effective action.


  • All our products meet the requirements of the strict European Standards
  • Our dietary supplements have been tested by Poland’s Main Sanitary Inspectorate, and have received positive results
  • All of our cosmetics are dermatologically tested by independent laboratories – Hamilton and Jars
  • Our products’ manufacturers hold all necessary certificates confirming their highest manufacturing standards.
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Quality Management System for Medical Devices covers the design, manufacture, production and quality assurance of medical devices in gels, ointments, emulsions, liquids, sprays and droplet formulas.

iso 22716 2007

Covers implementation of Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) in the manufacturing processes of cosmetic products.

iso 9001

For the design, manufacture and storage of cosmetic products.