Marine Collagen Serum

Single Helix Structure

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It all started in Poland’s University of Gdansk where the breakthrough discovery was made – extracting a biologically active collagen from fish skin that is identical to human structure collagen. This discovery has revolutionised anti-aging cosmetics market.

Piotr Pakuła, a young successful businessman and a passionate biochemist concentrated on the biochemistry of proteins. This inspired Dr Jan Czarnecki, a researcher into technologies obtaining pharmaceutical components and creator of many drugs, to conduct research.

In 2010, at a laboratory in Finepharm Jelenia Gora, Poland. He extracted collagen from fish skins with an almost ideal biological purity. It was not, however, transformed into a marketable product because the problem of breaking it down by colagenase enzymes was not yet solved. This is a highly interesting subject for medicine, especially in orthopaedics.

Simultaneously, Dr Czarnecki’s team was looking for a form of fish native collagen which, while maintaining its biological activity, would at the same time increase its heat resistance.

Single Helix Collagen Serum

Eventually, such a product was invented!

The initial extraction of fish collagen has resulted in obtaining collagen in triple helix form (read more) which was an amazing achievement in cosmetology.

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This form of collagen allowed for a very effective applications when it comes to skin care and anti-aging products. However, it carried some challenges of this version of collagen on the cosmetic market.

  1. Products had to be stored in cool environment.
  2. Collagen was prone to breaking due to temperature changes.
  3. Transportation of product had to involve cool boxes.
  4. Market was limited to Poland’s territory due to risk of collagen breaking.

Dr Czarnecki assumed that maintaining the triple helix conformation in the collagen gel is not a necessary condition for the biological activity of its peptides. He was also the first to scientifically prove that in order for the peptides of the Polish collagen gel to be absorbed, the triple helices must break down on the skin into single spirals (secondary collagen).

Ultimately, while on the skin, collagen spirals have to break down into smaller protein chunks to be able to penetrate the skin. Czarnecki’s brilliant idea was to perform a controlled dissimilation of triple spirals into single spirals, while maintaining the gel form of the hydrate.

2012 Breakthrough

In 2012 it became possible using a physical, and not chemical method. Utilising kinetics, pressure, and temperature, while maintaining extraordinary precision which is only possible in a perfectly equipped laboratory (formerly “Jelfa” from Jelenia Góra, Poland), Dr Czarnecki’s team performed the first completely controlled breakdown of the triple helices into single helices.

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Native Marine Collagen

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Native Collagen Serums are delivered in a gel form allowing collagen to survive in its single helix form. Compared to triple helix structure that during absorption, had to break into single helices, native marine collagen serum is already in that form which brings even faster and more effective results of skin regeneration.

Single helix collagen form is the purest collagen there can be in its native form.

This product series has the same chemical INCI composition as Triple Helix Marine Collagen: Aqua, Collagen, Caprylyl Glycol, Elastin, Lactic Acid.

Characteristics of Single Helix Collagen Serum: