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New Generation Marine Collagen Serum – DNA
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Unique Ingredient

Single Helix Collagen
Product contains collagen in the purest (native) form that helps you to re-build your collagen fibers resulting in younger and stronger skin.
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New Generation Marine Collagen Serum – DNA

Size: 50ml

Marine Collagen Serum “DNA” contains fish collagen in its purest form. This collagen is delivered in a single helix form (pre-formation collagen) allowing it to not only improve skin elasticity, reduce wrinkles but actually take part in collagen fibers reconstruction.

Additionally it contains Nucleic Acid DNA + RNA which triggers the replication of the skin structure and SOD – an elite cosmetic component. This makes it a perfect serum for a mature skin for people that are 40+ years old offering strong anti aging effect.

  • Purest Collagen Form
  • Contains Nucleic Acid DNA + RNA
  • Contains SOD – Speroxide Dismutase – Elite Cosmetic Component
  • Suitable for Mature Skin, Blemishes, Sagging Skin and Wrinkles
  • Instant skin firming effect
  • Long Lasting Results
  • Skin Colour Improvement
  • Visible Wrinkles Reduction
  • Helps in re-construction of collagen fibers
  • Recommended in combination with face creams
  • Can be used with Mezoroller
  • Delivered in gel form allowing for better absorption
Suitable For:

Age: 40+, Bags Under Eyes, Blemishes, Neckline Wrinkles, Sagging Cheeks, Scars, Skin Type: Combination, Skin Type: Dry, Wrinkles



Active Ingredients

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