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Non Surgical Face Lift Marine Collagen Mask
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Unique Ingredient

Extract from Tara Tree and Red Alga Kappaphycus Alvarezii
A combination of natural glucopolimers from galactomannas of the Tara tree (Caesalpinia spinosa) and galactans from the red algae (Kappaphycus alvarezi), thanks to the special acquisition technology, creates a permeable network of natural biopolymers that forms on the skin very thin, but a durable, flexible film. It resembles your second skin, imitating its properties and functions. In combination with other active ingredients, this non surgical facelift effects can become permanent after 4 weeks of regular use of the product.
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Non Surgical Face Lift Marine Collagen Mask

Size: 50ml

The Collagen Company Face Lift Mask Effects:

  • Quick lifting after 30 minutes
  • Radiant, soft and smooth skin
  • Long-lasting skin hydration
  • Smoothes and reduces wrinkles
  • Improves skin density and its elasticity*
  • Improves skin tone and lifts the face oval*

* permanent effects are visible in the skin after a minimum of 4 weeks of  treatment

We recommend the use of mask for:

  • Mature skin, prone to wrinkles and sagging
  • Tired skin, requiring regeneration, hydration and non surgical facelift
Suitable For:

Age: 25-40, Age: 40+, Skin Type: Combination, Skin Type: Dry, Skin Type: Oily, Wrinkles, Neckline Wrinkles, Sagging Cheeks



Active Ingredients

Product Information

Non Surgical Face Lift Marine Collagen Mask

Express lift mask is a hydrolifting