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Face Exfoliator – Enzymatic Exfoliating Mask
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Unique Ingredient

Fruit Acids
Fruit acids are known to be very effective in removing dead skin. This product contains carefully selected fruit acids that act as an effective face exfoliator.
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Face Exfoliator – Enzymatic Exfoliating Mask

Size: 50ml

Very effective face exfoliator/mask that removes dead skin cells, impurities and excessive sebum. This process is important in everyday skin care allowing you to prepare the skin for further treatment of creams or serums. Rich in Fruit Acids that dissolve dead skin and nourishing ingredients that protect and look after your skin.

  • Removes dead skin celss
  • Removes impurities and makes your skin clean
  • Visibly brightens the complexion
  • Leaves the skin tense, firm, increases its elasticity
  • Reduces the visibility of skin pores
  • Makes the skin radiant and naturally glowing
Suitable For:

Acne, Age: 16-25, Age: 25-40, Age: 40+, Skin Type: Combination, Skin Type: Dry, Skin Type: Oily, Wrinkles, Sagging Cheeks, Neckline Wrinkles



Active Ingredients